# Shipping

# Overview

On your checkout, if your customer has added an item that needs shipping, you're likely going to want to display some shipping options. Currently the best way to do this is to implement your own by adding a ShippingModifier and adding using that to determine what shipping options you want to make available and add them to the ShippingManifest class.

# Adding a Shipping Modifier

Create your own custom shipping provider:

namespace App\Modifiers;

use Lunar\Base\ShippingModifier;
use Lunar\DataTypes\Price;
use Lunar\DataTypes\ShippingOption;
use Lunar\Facades\ShippingManifest;
use Lunar\Models\Cart;
use Lunar\Models\Currency;
use Lunar\Models\TaxClass;

class CustomShippingModifier extends ShippingModifier
    public function handle(Cart $cart)
        // Get the tax class
        $taxClass = TaxClass::first();

            new ShippingOption(
                name: 'Basic Delivery',
                description: 'A basic delivery option',
                identifier: 'BASDEL',
                price: new Price(500, $cart->currency, 1),
                taxClass: $taxClass

In your service provider:

public function boot(\Lunar\Base\ShippingModifiers $shippingModifiers)