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General Upgrade Instructions

Update the package

composer update lunarphp/lunar

Run any migrations

php artisan migrate

Re-publish the admin hub assets

php artisan lunar:hub:install

Support Policy

Lunar currently provides bug fixes and security updates for only the latest minor release, e.g. 0.3.


High Impact

Support for Laravel 8 removed

To install Lunar 0.3 you will need to be on at least Laravel 9. 0.3 introduces support for Laravel 10.

Low Impact

Changed Auth guard to use Laravel's default driver.

This should not impact your project unless you have customised the admin hub authentication.

Updated db_date function to return just the formmatted string.

If you were using db_date helper function, you will now need to wrap it with DB:RAW().


Low Impact

If you have a custom DiscountType, you should update the save method to expect the recently saved discount id to be passed.

// Before
public function save();

// After
public function save($discountId);


High Impact

Removal of the Cart Manager and Cart Modifiers

This release moves away from Cart Modifiers and the Cart Manager.

You can still extend the Cart in the form of pipelines. See Cart Extending.

You need to replace any instances of $cart->getManager() and just reference the cart itself i.e.

// Old

// New

For calculating the cart totals you should change the following:

// Old

// New



Publishing changes

All publishing commands for Lunar now use . as a separator.

  • Rename lunar-hub-translations to lunar.hub.translations
  • Rename lunar-hub-views to lunar.hub.views
  • Rename lunar:hub:public to lunar.hub.public
  • Rename lunar-migrations to lunar.migrations

Brand requirement is now configurable.

Whether the product brand is required on your store is now configurable, the default behaviour is set to true. If you wish to change this, simply update config/lunar-hub/products.php.

'require_brand' => false,

Migrating from GetCandy to Lunar

The initial release of Lunar will be version 0.1.0. This allows for a rapid development cycle until we reach 1.0.0. Understandably, a complete name change is not small task, so we've outlined steps you need to take to bring your install up to the latest Lunar version and move away from GetCandy.

Update composer dependencies

"getcandy/admin": "^2.0-beta",
"getcandy/core": "^2.0-beta"
"lunarphp/lunar": "^0.1"

Any add-ons you are using will need their namespaces updated, the package name should remain the same, i.e.

"getcandy/stripe": "^1.0"
"lunarphp/stripe": "^0.1"

Once done, remember to run composer update to pull in the latest packages.

Update namespaces

If you are using any GetCandy classes, such as models, you will need to update their namespace:



A simple find and replace in your code should be sufficient, the strings you should search for are:


Config changes

  • Rename the config/getcandy folder to config/lunar
  • Rename the config/getcandy-hub folder to config/lunar-hub
  • Change the prefix in config/lunar/database.php from getcandy_ to lunar_

Also make sure any class references in your config files have been updated to the Lunar namespace.

Meilisearch users

Lunar no longer ships with Meilisearch by default. If you use Meilisearch and wish to carry on using it, you will need to require the new Lunar meilisearch package.

composer require lunarphp/meilisearch

This will install the appropriate packages that Scout needs and also register the set up command so you can keep using it, you just need to update the signature.

php artisan lunar:meilisearch:setup

If you were previously using the mysql Scout driver, you should change this to database_index. This populates the search_index table with the terms to be searched upon. You may need to run the scout import command:

php artisan scout:import Lunar\Models\Product

Database migration

If you are using the getcandy_ prefix in your database, then you will likely want to update this to lunar_. We have created a command for this purpose to try make the switch as easy as possible.

php artisan lunar:migrate:getcandy

What this command will do

  • Remove any previous GetCandy migrations from the migrations table.
  • Run the migrations again with the lunar_ prefix, creating new tables.
  • Copy across the data from the old getcandy_ tables into the new lunar_ tables.
  • Update any polymorphic GetCandy classes to the Lunar namespace.
  • Update field types in attribute_data to the Lunar namespace.

What this command will not do

  • Affect any custom tables that have been added outside the core packages.

The intention of this is to provide a non-destructive way to migrate the data. Once the command has been run your getcandy_ tables should remain intact, so you are free to check the data and remove when ready.