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Alpha Release

Although many Lunar sites have been launched using v1.x, you may not consider this version production-ready for your own use and should exercise the same amount of caution as you would with any software in an alpha state. 🚀


  • PHP >= 8.2
  • Laravel 10 / Laravel 11
  • MySQL 8.0+ / PostgreSQL 9.2+
  • exif PHP extension (on most systems it will be installed by default)
  • intl PHP extension (on most systems it will be installed by default)
  • bcmath PHP extension (on most systems it will be installed by default)
  • GD PHP extension (used for image manipulation)

Install Lunar

Composer Require Package

composer require lunarphp/lunar:"^1.0.0-alpha" -W


You may need to update your app's composer.json to set "minimum-stability": "dev",

Add the LunarUser Trait

Some parts of the core rely on the User model having certain relationships set up. We've bundled these into a trait which you must add to any models that represent users in your database.

use Lunar\Base\Traits\LunarUser;
// ...

class User extends Authenticatable
    use LunarUser;
    // ...

Register the admin panel

The admin panel needs registering in your app service provider before you can use it.

use Lunar\Admin\Support\Facades\LunarPanel;

class AppServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider
    public function register(): void

Run the Artisan Installer

php artisan lunar:install

This will take you through a set of questions to configure your Lunar install. The process includes...

  • Creating a default admin user (if required)
  • Seeding initial data
  • Inviting you to star our repo on GitHub ⭐

You should now be able to access the panel at https://<yoursite>/lunar.

Advanced Installation Options

Before you run the Lunar installer command, you may wish to customise some of the set-up.

Publish Configuration

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=lunar

Table Prefix

Lunar uses table prefixes to avoid conflicts with your app's tables. You can change this in the configuration.

User ID Field Type

Lunar assumes your User ID field is a "BIGINT". If you are using an "INT" or "UUID", you will want to update the configuration in config/lunar/database.php to set the correct field type before running the migrations.

Publish Migrations

You can optionally publish Lunar's migrations so they're added to your Laravel app.

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=lunar.migrations