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Setting Up Lunar For Local Development


This guide is here to help you set-up Lunar locally so you can contribute to the core and admin hub.

Before your start

You will need a Laravel application to run Lunar in. You can either use a fresh install of Laravel or the Lunar Livewire Starter Kit.


In the root folder of your Laravel application, create a "packages" folder.

mkdir packages && cd packages

Add the "packages" folder to your .gitignore file so the folder is not committed to your Git repository.


Fork and then clone the monorepo to the packages folder, e.g. /packages/lunar/.

git clone

Update your composer.json file similar to the following. Note we are targeting lunar/lunar and not lunar/admin.

    "repositories": [{
        "type": "path",
        "url": "packages/*",
        "symlink": true

    "require": {
        "lunarphp/lunar": "dev-main",

Run composer update from your Laravel application's root directory and fingers crossed you're all up and running,.

composer update


You can now follow the Lunar installation process and start contributing.