# Welcome to Lunar!

We are delighted you are considering Lunar for your project. We've spent a lot of time developing this package to bring headless e-commerce functionality to Laravel.

# What is Lunar?

Lunar is a Laravel e-commerce package (opens new window) which brings functionality akin to Shopify and other e-commerce platforms to Laravel. You have complete freedom to create your own storefront(s), but we've already done the hard work for you in the backend.

# Tech Stack

Lunar is comprised of two packages; lunarphp/core which provides the e-commerce functionality and lunarphp/admin which provides an admin hub built upon Laravel Livewire.

Although the admin hub uses Laravel Livewire, there is no requirement for your app to use Livewire itself.

# What are the future plans?

Lunar as a company has grand plans to continue developing new functionality to help you build awesome e-commerce websites. We want Lunar to be a true alternative to the likes of Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.

Keep an eye on our roadmap (opens new window) for future plans and recent releases.

# Get started

Enough waffle! Let's help you install Lunar...